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Visiting North Lake Tahoe in the Winter: Be Prepared for Almost Anything!

December 20, 2022 | Jill Amen

North Lake Tahoe, our premier winter destination is in full swing with resorts fully open and the holiday vibe upon us. Tis the season for high-energy sports, winter adventures and Après ski excitement—certainly something inviting for everyone in North Lake Tahoe. Cozy up, venture out—or both!  At Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, North Lake Tahoe’s premier lodging experience, we’ve got you covered!

Whether exploring by ski, board, sled or snowshoe traveling up to Lake Tahoe, from almost anywhere in the Winter, takes preparation. Even with Tahoe’s laid-back atmosphere and vibrant bluebird days, we all have to take Winter seriously! Sh…t happens, and planning ahead makes all the difference. 

Before Heading up the Mountain

First, check the road and weather reports. Even with clear skies weather changes quickly in snow-country, and driving to Tahoe means 4-wheel, all-wheel drive or chains. If chains are the only option, they are an absolute necessity; know how and where to put them on. Road checks mean business during storms and ice. Ladder cables are not allowed in the Tahoe area. Some check areas have professionals who can installI, charging around $30; $15 to remove. Driving on chairs means observing a 25 to 30 mph speed limit. When installing pull completely off the roadway to the right as to not block or be endangered by traffic.

Gassing up is a smart idea, or more than one reason: Gas prices are higher up in the Tahoe area and road conditions, accidents and traffic may mean extra time on the road.


In addition to snow chains, food and water are essentials for any vehicle in the mountains. There is a caveat there that we will get to shortly. Other items should include an ice scraper, warm gloves and jacket, snow boots and even a blanket in case if stuck on the road. Be prepared for the chill—think survival if conditions go from flurries to blizzard.

Essential Snow and Ice Driving Tips

Before driving in snow and ice ensure a is snow-ready trip. Check wiper blades, tire pressure and tread. Carry a small snow shovel—plows and tows aren’t necessarily readily available when conditions get dicey. 

Visibility means removing snow and ice from windows, mirrors, lights, turn signals and license plates. Keeping distance between vehicles, passing with sufficient distance and clearance, and driving slowly avoiding sudden braking, acceleration and quick turns all mean road safety. Applying steady pressure on ABS-equipped vehicles or pumping the brakes if necessary on non-ABS vehicles will help avoid slides and skids. If a slide occurs steer in direction of the slide, slowly removing the foot from accelerator.

Navigating During Storms

Deviating from main roads or relying on GPS, where roads have not yet been plowed or maintained may mean digging out of snow banks—at best. And, In blizzard and high wind conditions, even if a highway is open the ski resort may be closed. Check before.

Getting stuck can lead to traffic congestion, greater delays and difficulty for snow-removal equipment to clear the area. Always watch carefully for snow removal equipment. Locals, visitors snd safety authorities all benefit from common sense and courtesy. Share the roads responsibly.

Transportation Options

Try alternative forms of transportation when in Tahoe. For a safe, efficient and accessible transport in North Lake Tahoe, check out TART, Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit. Its fun, easy and gets you where you want to go without the hassle of parking and harsh conditions. 

On the Mountain

Every year mountain adventurers go missing. Skiers and snowboarders are mandated to stay within resort boundaries and advised to use caution, respect conditions and watch for avalanche warnings. Sierra Avalanche Center provides avalanche forecasting based on weather, avalanche and snowpack conditions on its website.Its aways a good idea to use the buddy system and share whereabouts—with apps such as Find My Phone or a simple text.  

Bear Beware

It’s true bears hibernate, but Tahoe bears have their own schedule.  Due to an abundant amount of food from various human sources, many bears are on the move throughout the year.  Bear intrusion stories are more than cautionary— bears are also smart; if they can smell it they can find it!  Keep vehicle and residence doors locked and secure. Use precautions when tossing trash; bear boxes save bear’s lives.

Journeying into snow country can be immensely breathtaking and rewarding. It can also mean freezing, punishing conditions. Please be prepared and safe.

Now, it’s time to get on that mountain! Start your next Winter adventure stay at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. And, the best time is right now to book directly for exceptional multi-night discounts and our no worries, no stress MLRTahoe Guarantee: Free, fully-refundable cancellation with a 72 hour heads up. Join the Winter fun today at MLRTahoe, your Tahoe Home. 

For our dedicated return guests, don’t forget to use our Booking Code: VAL2023!

Need assistance booking your stay? Our friendly team members are happy to help. Call us directly at (530) 546-9500.

-Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort—Your Basecamp for adventure!

About Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

The only remaining family-owned and run independent lakefront resorts in North Lake Tahoe, MLRTahoe offers a basecamp for year-round adventure and eco-tourism with acres of pristine lake shore and forest—creating the ultimate all-season Lake Tahoe destination, the epicenter for all things Tahoe. Designed and managed by generations of the Mourelatos family, the all-suite, resort blends authentic Greek hospitality with intimate forest and lake view accommodations and amenities—over three acres of lakefront and six acres of forest lodging, 275 feet of panoramic beach and 15 acres of recreational trails, connecting to the Tahoe Vista Regional Park. On-site seasonal activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, yoga, hiking and an almost daily live music scene with internationally-acclaimed golf resorts and dozens of scenic drives, mountain biking and hiking adventures nearby. Winter brings resort sledding and snowshoeing with several world-class mountain ski resorts, back-country adventure and groomed XC trails just minutes away. Surrounded by local vibes and events, gourmet restaurants, shops and artistry, MLRTahoe offers that quintessential mountain escape, where families of all ages return year and year again.

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It’s a Winter Wonderland at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

November 21, 2022 | Jill Amen

Downhill skiing with Lake Tahoe in the background

Our early season snow will shortly give way to a full expression of what our Lake Tahoe winter is all about. Yes, this time of year the mountains are calling…and you must go!

If you are already day dreaming of your next winter mountain retreat, you don’t need to go far…its right here at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort in North Lake Tahoe. With ski resorts opening as early as Friday, November 18th it’s time to grab the right gear, take a deep breath and dive right into our fresh alpine air and the best slopes in the West—an unmistakably idyllic backdrop for your next winter experience. 

When it comes to snowfall Lake Tahoe is the envy of most other mountainous regions. Where, almost every year, our snow prayers are heard. Why? If it’s not falling from the skies our resorts are making enough powdery stuff to create a ready base for the next storm that points itself in our direction of the Sierra Nevada. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Come experience it all for yourself! 

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort is where it all comes together, year after year—your winter escape!  Along with abundant white fluffy stuff you’ll have the coziest of stays at North Lake Tahoe’s best location, readily accessible to all our mountains and activities and always the MLRTahoe Guarantee—all just part of your MLRTahoe Experience. 

Need assistance booking your stay? Our friendly team members are happy to help. Call us directly at (530) 546-9500.

And, don’t miss our North Lake Tahoe early-Winter events:  

Dazzling under a shroud of snow is the vibrant life of North Lake Tahoe. Here is just the tip of the iceberg for après lineups for our early Winter season.

TAHOE FILM FEST, December 1st-4th, 8am-10pm, North Lake Tahoe. Tahoe Film Fest also celebrates a section of important American Independent Films, and award winning music documentaries. More info

SNOWSHOEING UNDER THE NIGHT SKY, Friday , Dec 23, 4 – 8 PM. Tahoe Adventure Company. A guided Sunset Snowshoe tour followed by a telescopic tour of the night sky with award winning astronomer. More info

Watch our Blog and go to GoTahoeNorth for more terrific events coming this Winter.

So what are you waiting for? Relish the moments, the beauty and magic of North Lake Tahoe each time you stay. Sunshine to snow flurries, whether you experience it framed from the warmth of your cozy room or out in the exhilarating, snow covered mist and après fun, there is something inviting for everyone. Most magical of all? Create your own Winter Wonderland memories at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort.

See you this Winter! Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. 

Relax, Enjoy, Cherish!

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Fall Time is Adventure Time in North Lake Tahoe: Fun for the Entire Family!

October 13, 2022 | Jill Amen

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe in the fall means fewer crowds, beautiful autumn temperatures, crisp mornings and nights. The stillness in the air, glassy water and the vibrant, golden hues present subtle yet colorful changes to our great outdoors. Whether on the trails or at one of the fun fall events, it’s Mother Nature’s time to remind us of the cozy days ahead at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort.

Fall is also a time for exploring. One terrific way to explore North Lake Tahoe is with the Great MLRTahoe Hatdrop. There will be new Hatdrops through most of October; lots of clues and prizes to make it fun for the entire family! The hunt will take you to some truly amazing places all around the region – places you may have yet to discover.

How to Play: Clues are posted in live time on our Instagram page @mlrtahoe. Then, follow our Blog, emails (sign up here), and on MLRTahoe Facebook for more clues on the latest Hatdrop, photos, videos, past drops and more.  The lucky treasure hunters will get to keep the hat, grab some free ice cream at the Famous Mourelatos Cable Car Ice Cream…and enter a drawing for a chance to win a two night stay at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort.

Come Stay, Play and Join in the Fun!

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort wants to ensure that you always have a unique, fun and truly rewarding experience in North Lake Tahoe.

The MLRTahoe Guarantee: The lowest rates possible are guaranteed when you book directly at MLRTahoe.com or by simply calling our team. Plus, you’ll enjoy a bit more flexibility should your plans change. Need assistance booking your stay? Our friendly team members are happy to help. Call us directly at (530) 546-9500.

Always a 72 Hour Free Cancellation: Cancel without penalty up-to-72 hours in advance when booking directly.

Loyalty Matters: Receive reduced rates on most stays as a loyal returning guest.  We make it easy, fun and rewarding.

Now is the Time for the Best Lake Views: Relish the moments, the beauty and magic of North Lake Tahoe each time you stay.

 Relax, Enjoy, Cherish!

And, Don’t Miss These October Events:

Lake Tahoe Marathon, October 14th-16th. Beginning in Homewood, on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore this event offers a weekend full of running, activities and fun. There are more than 20 events scheduled.

Recommended Adventures: Monkey Rock for Hikers; Flume Trail for Mountain Bikers

Monkey Rock Hike at Lake TahoeOne of the best hikes for fall is to Monkey Rock, a local artist-carved, granite boulder resembling a monkey—and it really does! Only a 2.5 miles roundtrip, this hike offers epic, panoramic views of Lake Tahoe. Great for all ages with just over 400 feet of elevation gain. If you want more distance and climbing, simply follow the trail up further. Located on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe on HWY 28, just past Incline Village, going East. Park in one of the paid lots at the bottom of the hill or find free off-street parking a little farther away. To reach the trail, walk up Tunnel Creek Road as it heads up the hill in a southern direction behind the Tunnel Creek Cafe. After the hike, stay for a beer or snack at the fun, locally run cafe.


Mountain Biker on Flume Trail Lake TahoeIf you are up for a serious mountain bike adventure, try the Flume Trail, a moderate-to challenging one way, 14-mile ride at 7000′ to 8100′ feet. Over 1000′ of climbing in the first four miles and 4.5 miles of single track. The Flume Trail traverses above several steep sections. It can be a wild ride for some and is recommended for intermediate to expert riders. Adventure is not the only reward; the views are spectacular and Marlette Lake is very accessible for a cold dip. This trail is not for the faint of heart; go only as far as you are comfortable. Either way, you’ll enjoy the views, beautiful surroundings and the adventure of it all. You can access this trail at Tunnel Creek or by heading to Spooner Lake day use area in the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, just north of the Hwy 50 junction on the East Shore. Follow signs to the trailhead via the North Canyon Rd.

Let us take you on your next adventure. Join us this fall!

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, Your Basecamp for Tahoe Adventure!

HatDrop Updates:

Congratulations to the lucky winners. We have had 4 lucky winners to date. Each has enjoyed Mourelatos famed, Cable Car Ice Cream, a chance to win a two-night stay at North Lake Tahoe’s most adored resort, and more chances to play and win in the Great MLRTahoe Hatdrop!

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Visiting Lake Tahoe in the Fall

September 15, 2022 | Jill Amen

Fall Aspen Leaves in Lake Tahoe

A Special Message from: Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

Join us in our commitment to preserving the natural wonders of Lake Tahoe.

North Lake Tahoe in the fall means fewer crowds, lots of activities, and beautiful autumn temperatures. It also means the increased threat of wildfires. Fire is a natural process in the Lake Tahoe Basin, and most of the Lake Tahoe Basin is considered a “fire environment.” It contains flammable vegetation and a climate to support fire. Although every season is fire season, this is the time of year to be aware, prepared, and ready to do whatever it takes.

As residents and visitors to our Tahoe communities we must accept the responsibility for living in a high fire-hazard area. For the Lake Tahoe Basin, it is not a question of “if” wildfire will occur but “when” it will occur. We are encouraged to learn to live more safely with this real and increasing threat. With that, we should possess the knowledge and skills to prepare our properties, to know how to evacuate early and safely, and to do all we can to prevent and protect. This means giving a commitment to preserve our shared treasures, our biodiversity, our irreplaceable environment, and our homes.

After the Caldor fire, some lessons are clear:  What we do before wildfires ignite can makes all the difference. Fuel reduction, defensible space, family plans for safe evacuation should be top of all resident’s minds. Visitors should consider when to visit and when to it best to free up resources to those managing our lands.

In conjunction with the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort shares in its commitment to ensure that the magic continues in the Lake Tahoe region — in the culture of our communities and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

North Lake Tahoe and Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort asks for your commitment in preserving our natural wonders of the Sierra. Before embarking on your next journey to our beloved region, please take the Northlake Tahoe Traveler Responsibility Pledge: 

  • Become a Steward: Think like a local! Lend a hand during one of our community clean-up days or volunteer through North Lake Tahoe’s Ambassador program.
  • Stay Educated: Check conditions and operational modifications ahead of your visit. Sign up for county and state text alerts and stay connected to travel advisories and emergency updates while you’re here.
  • Respect Your Environment and Each Other: Outdoor fires of any type this time of year are a hazard and not allowed. Take your trash with you. Lend a hand and help where you can.
  • Keep our Wildlife Safe: Wildlife depend on natural behavior for survival. Not feeding wild animals keeps you safe and the wildlife wild.
  • Demonstrate Mindful Travel: Travel with awareness and observe the impact of your actions – it takes all of us working together to create a healthy and positive Tahoe experience.
  • Be Fire Safe: Get prepared, informed, and involved! We are incredibly grateful for the firefighters and first responders who work to keep the region safe. The health and safety of our residents, communities, local businesses and visitors is the highest priority.


How Travelers Can Be Prepared When Visiting Our Lake Tahoe Resort

Travelers coming to North Lake Tahoe should always be prepared. To do so, they can ensure they do the following:

  • Be sure to keep a full tank of gas and emergency provisions on hand
  • Before traveling, research areas on your itinerary
  • Consult local weather and air quality forecasts
  • Refer to official sources for current information and facts, and visit this page.

Another great resource is Tahoe Living with Fire, a collaborative education and outreach program filled with tools for homeowners, community members, educators, and fire professionals. Tahoe Living with Fire is a comprehensive program providing recommendations and resources on preparing for wildfire and reducing wildfire threat in the Tahoe region. It is committed to protecting life, property, and the environment at Lake Tahoe through proper fire management. For more information, visit this page.

Our Lake Tahoe Beachfront Resort is Here to Help 

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone affected by the fires. Thank you for being part of the solution. We all play a role in preserving the magic of Lake Tahoe and our Sierra Nevada. After all, we are all in this together.

-Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

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The First Annual “Great MLRTahoe Hat Drop”: A Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort Treasure Hunt for the Entire Family!

September 2, 2022 | Jill Amen

Come Play the Game…

Late August and September are by far the best months for visiting North Lake Tahoe. The temperatures are perfect with daytime averages in the mid-to-low 70s, Warm sunshine, shimmering-golden aspens, mild evenings, fewer crowds and a terrific fall music calendar—ideal conditions for some much-needed relaxation and Lake Tahoe fun!  But that’s not all:

It’s time for a big adventure at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort!

Join us for our First Annual “Great MLRTahoe Hat Drop”.

What’s a MLRTahoe Hat Drop?

The Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort Hat Drop is a super fun treasure hunt in North Lake Tahoe for the community and your entire family. You are given clues and then get to hike in the forest, wander North Lake Tahoe’s beautiful beaches and play in the lake—all while finding a cool MLRTahoe Hat with a special message inside that will lead you to more treasures and prizes. Every week, for the next several weeks, we will be hiding a hat in some truly amazing, yet accessible places. Yes! These special hats will be visible, fun hunting and pretty easy to find—if you follow our clues.

How to Play

Start today…Get the clues! They will be posted here in live time on our Instagram page @mlrtahoe. Then, follow our Blog, emails (sign up here), and on MLRTahoe Facebook for more weekly clues on the latest Hatdrop, photos, videos, past drops, and more.

Questions? Call or email us at info@MLRtahoe.com!

The clues provided each week will lead you on some pretty cool adventures. Then, simply find the hat! Once you have found the special MLRTahoe Hat, follow the easy instructions attached to the hat. The lucky treasure hunters will get to keep the hat, get free ice cream at the Famous Mourelatos Cable Car Ice Cream…and a chance to win a two-night stay at the resort.

Hatdrop#2: Dropping Tuesday, August 30th


  1. Area: Hatdrop is near the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Trailhead in Tahoe Vista.Visible, but only from the waterside! So, get out there and paddle on the shores of Tahoe Vista. 
  2. To get on the water: If you are staying at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort check out a paddle board or kayak and launch directly from the MLR beach. Head east along the shore. If you are launchingat Lake Tahoe Water Trail (LTWT) Trailhead in North Tahoe Beach, launch at west end. Trailhead Coordinates: Latitude: 2373737; Longitude: -120.0330161. Note: Go to the Water Trailhead, not the “landing site.” Map: https://laketahoewatertrail.org/.
  3. Follow the shore and watch for the hidden treasure along the boulders, near the trailhead. When you find it email us at:  info@MLRtahoe.com with photos or videos. Enjoy the paddle and happy hunting!

Need a paddle board or Kayak in Lake Tahoe? To get on the water, touch base with the Tahoe Adventure Company, (the Tahoe Vista paddle rental company). They will get you out on the water today!  

Tahoe Adventure Company Paddleboard and Kayak Rental

Follow the QR Code below and social media for more clues and updates.

About the Lake Tahoe Water Trail: A paddle paradise, the water trail is an endless 72-mile water route along the shoreline with public launch and landing sides with way-finding signage, paddle routes, navigation tools and water safety tips for safe and fun paddle adventures. Special thanks to the North Tahoe Public Utility District and Sierra Business Council for managing our terrific Water Trails.  Learn more at sierrabusiness.org.

Join the thrill of a real treasure hunt, learn about some new trails and beaches, get a bunch of fresh air, take a picnic lunch and explore off the beaten path adventures in North Lake Tahoe. A fun, playful and exciting opportunity for family and friends, any day of the week. You will also learn about your surroundings, its preservation and share some memorable moments.  Don’t wait, get into the hunt, be a winner! the Lake Tahoe Water Trail

Visit our Lake Tahoe Beachside Resort Today for Pure Fun and Relaxation

Perhaps it’s time to relax, listen to some awesome music on the beach and join the MLRTahoe Hat Hunt adventure! Call us today or book directly online at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. Then, get connected, join the fun, and be assured we will be sending you on some awesome explorations and adventures. Happy Hat Hunting!

Visit Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, your Lake Tahoe home base for adventure!

@Mlrtahoe, @tahoewatertrail, @northtahoerecreation and @TahoeAdventureCompany


Previous “Found” Hatdrops:


Dropped on Monday, August 22nd and found within two days. An awesome location for the first drop. Clues included: Alpine Meadows Road off of Hwy 89, Five Lakes Trail in Tahoe Natural Forest. Park near Trail Head, Follow the trail up to view the dramatic yet tranquil surroundings and the convergence of Alpine and Palisades Ski Resorts; continue just 1.5 miles from trailhead, past beautiful rock formations and shaded forests. Before arriving at the Lakes keep your eye on the right, find the rock cropping that crosses that joins the trail, look for the twisted tree on the right and the gnarly roots that hold the hat…Coordinates: 39.17912N, 120.23989W. Check out this video for more.

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Making Memories at Our Lake Tahoe Family Resort

August 15, 2022 | Jill Amen

Lakefront Resort in Lake Tahoe

Consider Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort Your Second Home

Welcome home to Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, once again! Start your day with a leisurely walk on the beach, sip morning coffee from your charming lakeside porch in Lake Tahoe, try some yoga on the deck then get wet while kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, and hydro-biking—all the best family fun, and it’s all included in your stay. Ahh! Let the day slip away on your comfy beach lounger, soaking up each magical moment.

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. Where you can do it all…or nothing at all!

Things to Do in and Near North Lake Tahoe

If you desire a little more adventure, it is all around you. Rent a ski boat on Lake Tahoe with all the gear for skiing or wakeboarding at the resort; a perfect way to discover a secret cove of clear turquoise, blue waters for a refreshing swim or quiet relaxation. For hikers and nature enthusiasts, explore over eighteen acres of private trails for hiking, biking and much more right from the resort—all connecting to hundreds of miles of trail system including the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Venturing out within a few scenic miles of Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort you will also find dozens of internationally acclaimed golf courses, tennis and pickle ball courts, miniature golf, gourmet restaurants, galleries, and shops. For a real treat, try The Old Post Office Cafe for breakfast or lunch, just up the road in Carnelian Bay.

That’s not all: Enjoy some of the best local bands and talent around, playing beachside, four days a week at the resort. If you like to sing or play an instrument, bring your own and join in the fun. Grab your favorite beverage or hop over to Mourelatos famous Cable Car Ice Cream for a real treat. Then, settle in for an afternoon or evening of music, a cozy beachside gas fire pit and the vast beauty of a Lake Tahoe sunset!

August 2022 Events in Lake Tahoe

Don’t miss these August events: 

  • Music on the Beach at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings & Sunday afternoons—all summer long. Enjoy some of Lake Tahoe’s terrific local talent.
  • Tuesday’s Bluesdays at the Village of Palisades (formerly Squaw Valley) from 6-8pm, beginning June 14th through August 30th. A terrific, free outdoor weekly concert. Enjoy top blues musicians surrounded by some of the most gorgeous, granite peaks Tahoe has to offer.
  • Kings Beach Summer Concert Series on the Beach—just moments from Mourelatos near the Event Center. Free lively, local bands, every Friday from now until September 2nd. Just grab a beach chair and head down to Kings Beach State Park Friday evenings around 6pm. Concessions offer drinks and light fare. Get there early for best parking.
  • Truckee Thursdays. Starting around 5pm this is a lively, weekly street fair with regional vendors, live music and a beer garden. Downtown Truckee is shut down to traffic during these evenings. Best parking: Get there early and park at the rail yard and walk back towards town.
  • Special Event: “George Clinton’s Farewell Tour” featuring George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, live at the Truckee Regional Park Outdoor Amphitheater in Truckee. Sunday, August 14, 2022. Doors open at 3:30pm. Purchase tickets.

Free bus rides are available to most of North Lake Tahoe through the county system, TART.

This Month’s Recommended Adventure: Shirley Canyon Trail

A local’s favorite! We’ve mentioned it before but well-worth a reminder: The Shirley Canyon trail has it all. Beautiful vistas, forests with older-growth fir and pine, waterfalls, huge granite boulders to climb, and blooming wildflowers—endless, changing natural beauty with every step.  One other delight along the way is Shirley Lake about 3 miles up, a perfect place for a swim before the last mile or so of switchbacks through meadow and forest. Dog friendly all the way—even on the tram down!

You start at Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley). To access the trail, park in the main parking lot near the tram. Simply walk down the road paralleling the tram and veer to a wide trail off to the right. Go about 1/4 of a mile to find a large sign and trail map at the trailhead.

On the trail, stay to the left side of the creek. You don’t have to go far to start experiencing awesome pools and falls. Although August water levels and falls have dissipated from May and June’s high flows there are still plenty of places to take a dip and lots of big granite slabs for sunbathing. As you are wandering, it can be easy to get off trail. Watch for blue paint markers on the rocks, pointing the way as you go.

Even though this is only a 4.5-mile trek up to High Camp, it is a 2,000 feet of elevation gain. Even with the tram ride down this is a challenging trail—but well worth every step. Once you ascend to the top, and if you time it right (before 5pm) you can grab a refreshment and take the free (yes, free) tram ride down. Check the schedule at the trailhead.

If you want to skip the hike, but experience the beauty you can still purchase tram ride tickets in the village for a ride up to explore. Either way you will find interesting granite formations, beautiful Lake Tahoe vistas surrounded by valley and mountains and so much more.

Book Your Lake Tahoe Family-Fun Vacation Today!

How do you make it all happen for you and your family? Simply give Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort a call or book directly online. Booking directly instead of a third-party always ensures the best rates and priorities, and the best Lake Tahoe resort experience ever. Although there are more Lake Tahoe summer activities than you could ever fit into one trip, with each writing, we will give you some highlights of must-dos! Summer in Lake Tahoe is the time to explore—by foot, bike and water.

Come back soon! Year after year families return for adventure, relaxation, and fun…always making special memories at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort.

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