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The Mourelatos Family

Family Owned and Operated for Over 50 Years 

Nestled amidst the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains, with a private sandy beach and surrounded by a tranquil forest of towering pines and cedars, lies Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, a Lake Tahoe Resort experience unlike any other.

Here, guests return year-after-year to stay and play, adventure and explore. Where generations of families create cherished traditions and lifelong memories, couples renew, and every guest — regardless of age, can rediscover their inner joy.

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“The only remaining family-owned and run independent lakefront resorts in North Lake Tahoe, Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort offers a basecamp for year-round adventure and eco-tourism where visitors around the world can truly relax, enjoy and cherish”. 

The Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort has a long storied history.  This classic mountain lakefront resort was established in 1942 by Thomas James, a prominent property owner on Lake Tahoe’s north shore. For over thirty years, the property welcomed visitors from around the world to enjoy its quaint location and magnificent setting under the name of James Lakeshore Resort.

History tells us that on a snowy day in January 1978, Andreas and Mary Mourelatos drove to the Lake to view the property and found it draped in freshly fallen snow. Wrapped within the heart of the High Sierra with his toes on the shoreline, Andreas announced to his wife that the property had to be theirs.

After a mad scramble for finances in March 1978, Mary and Andreas became the proud owners of what is now a historic icon on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore and named after their Greek heritage ~ Mourelatos (Moh-ray-la-tos) Lakeshore Resort.

Upon acquisition, Mary immersed her heart and soul into the property and started the family tradition to consistently improve the guests’ experience through a variety of interior and exterior improvements. During their years as proprietors, Mary was the designer and full-time manager while Andreas focused his talents on the maintenance of the resort.

Tragedy struck in 1994 when a fire destroyed the west wing of the resort; a fierce wind coming off of the Lake fueled the flames that devoured the buildings in forty-five minutes. Phase 1 of a  multi-year renovation began. Andreas incorporated his talent for architecture and redesigned a new wing on the footprint of the old building. The unique angle of the rooms you see today allows each guest to enjoy a view of Lake Tahoe.

Phase 2 occurred in 1997 when the family redesigned the east wing to mirror the improvements of Phase 1. Additional guest amenities included gas fireplaces installed in several units.

Phase 3 filled the calendar from spring through the summer months in 1999. A new office was built along with a meeting room for retreats and small weddings. As its guests have come to appreciate, more amenities were added with outdoor barbecues, a scenic barbecue center and hot tubs—all which visitors enjoy throughout the year.

Today, the Mourelatos Family continues to improve the rooms and facilities, enhancing the dream envisioned more than 50 years ago: A destination where families and their friends could enjoy good old-fashioned Greek hospitality in what is, without question, one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. 

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