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Snowman Snowdown: On the Shores of Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

December 27, 2023 | Jill Amen

"When life gives you snow, make snowmen"

When life gives you snow, make snowmen”

Imagine:  A parade of ‘frolicy’, frosted snow figures—all taking shape against the wintery backdrop of North Lake Tahoe’s crystal blue waters. Like a fairy tale, these whimsical figures come to life-–telling their stories of winter magic on the enchanted shores of Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

From Snow Flakes to Snow Beings 

Meet Frosty, a joyful being made of snow; a figure who embodies creative snow creatures of all kinds–snow families, snow dogs, and even snow superheroes.  Above all, Frosty stands tall or short, lean or round, but above all symbolizes self-expression and the wonderful mosaic of identities in all their beautiful forms.

Multigenerational Magic

Building a snowman today, means memories for a lifetime; a testament to life’s simple pleasures. The cheeriest of gatherings as families, friends, and kindred spirits celebrate the inherently magical nature of building snowmen. A heartwarming tradition that transcends generations, the magic captures laughter, joy, and always that sprinkle of childhood wonder. 

Escape the Crowds 

As skiers flock to the slopes on weekends and holidays this season, escape the crowds and queues for a family play day—-a charming, laid-back activity away from it all. An opportunity to immerse in a different kind of winter wonderland where families bond, children’s imaginations soar, and even the busiest of days find a moment of tranquility.

The Art of Building a Snowman 

Building a snowman is much more than just rolling and stacking snowballs. The art lies in the act of creating. giving your snowman character, personality, and its own unique flair. It’s a blend of technique, sculpting, decorating, and storytelling on a snowy canvas.

Firstly, The Basics. Think moist, sticky snow—perfect for sculpting your snow pal. Bring a small bucket and beach shovel if you have one handy. While a carrot nose is a classic ingredient, consider non-food items when bringing your snow creature to life—without attracting wildlife. 

Technique. Try rolling three snowballs of different sizes—base, torso, head—packing them tightly as you go. Then, the real fun begins: stacking, decorating, and giving your snow creation its distinct personality. For more fun information on building your snowman try these techniques here

Organic Materials. Twigs, branches, pinecones, pine needles, rocks, stones, and leaves help create the elements you need for face, eyes, noses, hair, and creative snowman attire. Try pine needles for hair and facial features. Small leaves create patterns and designs. Smooth rocks or pebbles can serve as expressive eyes and mouths. Ask the front office for any organic supplies they may have on hand. 

Accessorize. Scarves, bandanas, or fabric strips add vibrant colors and patterns. How about a top hat, cap or beanie for color and character? And, playful sun or eyeglasses add dimension and personality. Get creative with costume jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Decorative buttons, beads, or sequins can embellish the theme. Old gloves or mittens give your snowman “hands” and keep them warm.

Stand Out. Try glow sticks or battery powered lights to illuminate your sculpture. Non-toxic colored spray paints can create super cool designs. Bring along colorful ribbons or streamers to adorn your snowman’s arms or as decorative accents.

Get Playful. Consider small toys or props like a miniature snowboard, tiny skis, or a mini broomstick to give your snowman a playful touch. 

And remember, creativity knows no bounds!

Hold Onto Your Snowballs—There’s a Contest, Too! 

Looking forward, join us this January and February for an annual tradition: our ‘Snowman Snowdown’. Unleash your creativity, compete, and win fantastic prizes—like a free night’s stay at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort and weekly prizes for the kids!  Check out the rules and prizes here.

The categories? They’re as diverse as the snowmen themselves: ‘Most Creative Snow Sculpture’, ‘Best Use of Natural Elements’, ‘Most Festive Snow Family’, and even a category just for the kids, ‘Kids Gone Snow Wild’! 

These contests aren’t just about winning; they’re about celebrating the whimsy of winter and the joy of creation. Keep an eye out for updates on our Website and social media. 

Stay and Play: Your Winter Destination Awaits

Meanwhile, a destination for year-round family fun, this winter’s snowy playground awaits guests and locals alike at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. The resort’s legacy isn’t just about a beautiful place to stay; it’s about creating memories. A cherished destination where families return year-after-year for the beauty of Lake Tahoe, personalized service and a big serving of Greek hospitality! 

So, this winter gather your loved ones, head to the shores of North Lake Tahoe and let your imagination run free. A winter celebration of creativity, community, and the sheer joy of it all. All you need to stay and play is here at Mourelatos Lakeshore, your Basecamp for Family Winter Adventure. 

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