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Welcome to Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort Loyalty Program

Guest Loyalty, Reliable and Always True!

We truly appreciate our guests and value their loyalty.  We want to be your Tahoe Home, and we reward your loyalty in three ways:

First, for the returning guests who book and stay annually, you receive the right to book the same lodging the following year and at a discounted rate.  This includes summer months.

Second, our loyalty program is designed to provide you with an easy way to receive discounts throughout the year.  

Once you stay with us, you will receive a ‘Return Guest Booking Code’.  Please use this code when making a booking reservation on our Web site. When you use this code you will see Return Guest pricing that is 18 to 25% off normal rates for most of the year.  Your Return Guest Booking Code is MLR2024.

Share the love.  Share your code!

The third way we reward loyalty is by asking you to ‘Share the Love’ with your family and friends.  We encourage you to provide the Return Guest Booking Code to your family and friends so they can receive the discounted rates as well.  

When you refer someone, you will be awarded an additional discount on a future stay redeemable via e-mail at  Please call us at (530) 546-9500 or text at 530-288-4428 to let us know the last name of the referral, and when they book so that you will earn an additional discount on top of your return guest discount. The amount of additional discount varies based on the time of year, which can be up to double the normal discount.

Thank you for sharing Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort’s unique charm, warm family hospitality and your basecamp for all Lake Tahoe adventures. 

Return to your Second Home: Our views are amazing year round! Let the lake's serenity wash over you. Savor a cup of coffee while watching the clouds glide across the glassy surface, or snuggle up by the fireplace with a good book as snowflakes dance outside your window. Mourelatos offers the perfect escape to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones amidst nature's grandeur.

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, where your loyalty is celebrated and cherished.

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