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Visiting North Lake Tahoe in the Winter: Be Prepared for Almost Anything!

December 20, 2022 | Jill Amen

North Lake Tahoe, our premier winter destination is in full swing with resorts fully open and the holiday vibe upon us. Tis the season for high-energy sports, winter adventures and Après ski excitement—certainly something inviting for everyone in North Lake Tahoe. Cozy up, venture out—or both!  At Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, North Lake Tahoe’s premier lodging experience, we’ve got you covered!

Whether exploring by ski, board, sled or snowshoe traveling up to Lake Tahoe, from almost anywhere in the Winter, takes preparation. Even with Tahoe’s laid-back atmosphere and vibrant bluebird days, we all have to take Winter seriously! Sh…t happens, and planning ahead makes all the difference. 

Before Heading up the Mountain

First, check the road and weather reports. Even with clear skies weather changes quickly in snow-country, and driving to Tahoe means 4-wheel, all-wheel drive or chains. If chains are the only option, they are an absolute necessity; know how and where to put them on. Road checks mean business during storms and ice. Ladder cables are not allowed in the Tahoe area. Some check areas have professionals who can installI, charging around $30; $15 to remove. Driving on chairs means observing a 25 to 30 mph speed limit. When installing pull completely off the roadway to the right as to not block or be endangered by traffic.

Gassing up is a smart idea, or more than one reason: Gas prices are higher up in the Tahoe area and road conditions, accidents and traffic may mean extra time on the road.


In addition to snow chains, food and water are essentials for any vehicle in the mountains. There is a caveat there that we will get to shortly. Other items should include an ice scraper, warm gloves and jacket, snow boots and even a blanket in case if stuck on the road. Be prepared for the chill—think survival if conditions go from flurries to blizzard.

Essential Snow and Ice Driving Tips

Before driving in snow and ice ensure a is snow-ready trip. Check wiper blades, tire pressure and tread. Carry a small snow shovel—plows and tows aren’t necessarily readily available when conditions get dicey. 

Visibility means removing snow and ice from windows, mirrors, lights, turn signals and license plates. Keeping distance between vehicles, passing with sufficient distance and clearance, and driving slowly avoiding sudden braking, acceleration and quick turns all mean road safety. Applying steady pressure on ABS-equipped vehicles or pumping the brakes if necessary on non-ABS vehicles will help avoid slides and skids. If a slide occurs steer in direction of the slide, slowly removing the foot from accelerator.

Navigating During Storms

Deviating from main roads or relying on GPS, where roads have not yet been plowed or maintained may mean digging out of snow banks—at best. And, In blizzard and high wind conditions, even if a highway is open the ski resort may be closed. Check before.

Getting stuck can lead to traffic congestion, greater delays and difficulty for snow-removal equipment to clear the area. Always watch carefully for snow removal equipment. Locals, visitors snd safety authorities all benefit from common sense and courtesy. Share the roads responsibly.

Transportation Options

Try alternative forms of transportation when in Tahoe. For a safe, efficient and accessible transport in North Lake Tahoe, check out TART, Tahoe Truckee Area Regional Transit. Its fun, easy and gets you where you want to go without the hassle of parking and harsh conditions. 

On the Mountain

Every year mountain adventurers go missing. Skiers and snowboarders are mandated to stay within resort boundaries and advised to use caution, respect conditions and watch for avalanche warnings. Sierra Avalanche Center provides avalanche forecasting based on weather, avalanche and snowpack conditions on its website.Its aways a good idea to use the buddy system and share whereabouts—with apps such as Find My Phone or a simple text.  

Bear Beware

It’s true bears hibernate, but Tahoe bears have their own schedule.  Due to an abundant amount of food from various human sources, many bears are on the move throughout the year.  Bear intrusion stories are more than cautionary— bears are also smart; if they can smell it they can find it!  Keep vehicle and residence doors locked and secure. Use precautions when tossing trash; bear boxes save bear’s lives.

Journeying into snow country can be immensely breathtaking and rewarding. It can also mean freezing, punishing conditions. Please be prepared and safe.

Now, it’s time to get on that mountain! Start your next Winter adventure stay at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. And, the best time is right now to book directly for exceptional multi-night discounts and our no worries, no stress MLRTahoe Guarantee: Free, fully-refundable cancellation with a 72 hour heads up. Join the Winter fun today at MLRTahoe, your Tahoe Home. 

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Need assistance booking your stay? Our friendly team members are happy to help. Call us directly at (530) 546-9500.

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About Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

The only remaining family-owned and run independent lakefront resorts in North Lake Tahoe, MLRTahoe offers a basecamp for year-round adventure and eco-tourism with acres of pristine lake shore and forest—creating the ultimate all-season Lake Tahoe destination, the epicenter for all things Tahoe. Designed and managed by generations of the Mourelatos family, the all-suite, resort blends authentic Greek hospitality with intimate forest and lake view accommodations and amenities—over three acres of lakefront and six acres of forest lodging, 275 feet of panoramic beach and 15 acres of recreational trails, connecting to the Tahoe Vista Regional Park. On-site seasonal activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, yoga, hiking and an almost daily live music scene with internationally-acclaimed golf resorts and dozens of scenic drives, mountain biking and hiking adventures nearby. Winter brings resort sledding and snowshoeing with several world-class mountain ski resorts, back-country adventure and groomed XC trails just minutes away. Surrounded by local vibes and events, gourmet restaurants, shops and artistry, MLRTahoe offers that quintessential mountain escape, where families of all ages return year and year again.

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