Visiting Lake Tahoe in the Fall
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Visiting Lake Tahoe in the Fall

September 15, 2022 | Jill Amen

Fall Aspen Leaves in Lake Tahoe

A Special Message from: Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

Join us in our commitment to preserving the natural wonders of Lake Tahoe.

North Lake Tahoe in the fall means fewer crowds, lots of activities, and beautiful autumn temperatures. It also means the increased threat of wildfires. Fire is a natural process in the Lake Tahoe Basin, and most of the Lake Tahoe Basin is considered a “fire environment.” It contains flammable vegetation and a climate to support fire. Although every season is fire season, this is the time of year to be aware, prepared, and ready to do whatever it takes.

As residents and visitors to our Tahoe communities we must accept the responsibility for living in a high fire-hazard area. For the Lake Tahoe Basin, it is not a question of “if” wildfire will occur but “when” it will occur. We are encouraged to learn to live more safely with this real and increasing threat. With that, we should possess the knowledge and skills to prepare our properties, to know how to evacuate early and safely, and to do all we can to prevent and protect. This means giving a commitment to preserve our shared treasures, our biodiversity, our irreplaceable environment, and our homes.

After the Caldor fire, some lessons are clear:  What we do before wildfires ignite can makes all the difference. Fuel reduction, defensible space, family plans for safe evacuation should be top of all resident’s minds. Visitors should consider when to visit and when to it best to free up resources to those managing our lands.

In conjunction with the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort shares in its commitment to ensure that the magic continues in the Lake Tahoe region — in the culture of our communities and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

North Lake Tahoe and Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort asks for your commitment in preserving our natural wonders of the Sierra. Before embarking on your next journey to our beloved region, please take the Northlake Tahoe Traveler Responsibility Pledge: 

  • Become a Steward: Think like a local! Lend a hand during one of our community clean-up days or volunteer through North Lake Tahoe’s Ambassador program.
  • Stay Educated: Check conditions and operational modifications ahead of your visit. Sign up for county and state text alerts and stay connected to travel advisories and emergency updates while you’re here.
  • Respect Your Environment and Each Other: Outdoor fires of any type this time of year are a hazard and not allowed. Take your trash with you. Lend a hand and help where you can.
  • Keep our Wildlife Safe: Wildlife depend on natural behavior for survival. Not feeding wild animals keeps you safe and the wildlife wild.
  • Demonstrate Mindful Travel: Travel with awareness and observe the impact of your actions – it takes all of us working together to create a healthy and positive Tahoe experience.
  • Be Fire Safe: Get prepared, informed, and involved! We are incredibly grateful for the firefighters and first responders who work to keep the region safe. The health and safety of our residents, communities, local businesses and visitors is the highest priority.


How Travelers Can Be Prepared When Visiting Our Lake Tahoe Resort

Travelers coming to North Lake Tahoe should always be prepared. To do so, they can ensure they do the following:

  • Be sure to keep a full tank of gas and emergency provisions on hand
  • Before traveling, research areas on your itinerary
  • Consult local weather and air quality forecasts
  • Refer to official sources for current information and facts, and visit this page.

Another great resource is Tahoe Living with Fire, a collaborative education and outreach program filled with tools for homeowners, community members, educators, and fire professionals. Tahoe Living with Fire is a comprehensive program providing recommendations and resources on preparing for wildfire and reducing wildfire threat in the Tahoe region. It is committed to protecting life, property, and the environment at Lake Tahoe through proper fire management. For more information, visit this page.

Our Lake Tahoe Beachfront Resort is Here to Help 

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone affected by the fires. Thank you for being part of the solution. We all play a role in preserving the magic of Lake Tahoe and our Sierra Nevada. After all, we are all in this together.

-Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

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