Summer Kickoff this Memorial Day Weekend: Come Celebrate with Us!
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Summer Kickoff this Memorial Day Weekend: Come Celebrate with Us!

May 27, 2022 | Jill Amen

Lake Tahoe Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day at Lake Tahoe, our unofficial start of summer. Whether you have a long weekend or a full week to play, it is definitely a time to celebrate. Our days may be somewhat cool, but certainly sunny and longer…and Lake Tahoe’s calming waters are beckoning us— a sign that Summer is here at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, our beautiful Lake Tahoe resort nestled on 21 acres of North Lake Tahoe’s finest forest and beaches.

Here are this weekend’s highlights and recommendations for your ideal Memorial Day weekend celebration at your favorite Lake Tahoe vacation resort.

Our Lake Tahoe Beach is Open and Ready for You!

Grab your beach gear (along with a light jacket) and head down to our pristine shores. Kayaks, paddleboards, and hydro bikes are all out and ready for play. Take advantage of a yoga class at the lake. Want to relax? Chill in one of our comfy beach chairs or groove to some lively vibes; our Summer concert series is in full swing, with music on the beach Wednesday – Sunday!

Adventure Time: Kayaking in Lake Tahoe, Right from our Beach

For most of us, late May/early June means the lake is still a little too cold for swimming, but the good news is that the lake is ideal for morning kayaking all Summer long—launching directly from our own 275 feet of private, sandy beach. Oh, did we mention kayak rentals are free for all of our guests?

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe is one of the best ways to experience peace, solitude, and adventure—having a front-row seat to 360 degrees of panoramic vistas ringing America’s largest high-alpine lake. And did you know that kayaking has proven to offer some exceptional physical and mental benefits? The repetitive movements of paddling, the sense of freely floating…the breeze on your face; all create a heightened sense of awareness and calm. Not only are you getting a complete upper body workout but it is a time to truly tune in or as some call it, get in “the zone”.

Whether you are out solo or with your friends and family, paddling on Lake Tahoe’s surface is a transformative experience—a personal paradise allowing nature to surround you with sounds, silences and the open water. Perhaps this is your weekend to get out there, dip those paddles and go! And, with the right conditions kayaking is the ideal family event. For the safest and calmest water, stay close to shore. There are expeditions in either direction. To the West are the calm waters of Agate Bay and its beautiful rock formations directly beneath you. Or, paddle east along the scenic coast, toward the sandy beaches of King’s Beach and a bit further among the boulder gardens just beneath the turquoise-hued surface at Crystal Bay.

Before launching be aware of our Lake Tahoe climate; weather and wind can change quickly. Although dryer than paddleboarding you can still get wet. Your feet and hands can get cold and damp, along with the seat area of your kayak. If you have a dry bag, take a towel and even a polar fleece. If you don’t, make sure you have dry clothes on the beach. In any case be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunblock. Wear synthetic layers and fleece for quick drying instead of cotton that once wet, stays wet! Bring snacks and water; dehydration happens quickly in our dry, high-altitude climate. Use good judgment! If you do get wet, don’t wait. Get out and get dry! Of course, it is always a good idea to let a friend or family member know before you take off on your lake adventure!

Wait! There is more: Don’t Miss our “Made in Tahoe” Festival!

North Lake Tahoe’s 4th annual Made in Tahoe Festival is this Memorial Day weekend, May 28th and May 29th at The Village at Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley), from 11:00am to 5:00pm. The festival is free and celebrates “All Things Local”, including music, food, art, clothing—highlighting local artisans, chefs, and a host of local talent. Explore over 70+ vendor booths and enjoy performances and live music from local bands, musicians, and dance groups. A great way to meet other folks, join in the fun, and maybe take home a little piece of Lake Tahoe. After your big adventures, we will be waiting for you at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort where it’s time for a stroll over to Lake Tahoe’s favorite, Cable Car Ice Cream—a Mourelatos tradition for over 25 years!

Welcome home again! It is all waiting for you at our beachfront Lake Tahoe resort. Visit us at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort.

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