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A View from the Water:  Exploring the Beauty of North Lake Tahoe’s Water Trail this Fall

August 28, 2023 | Jill Amen

A View from the Water

With the lake a bit quieter and the changing interplay of light and color, fall offers one of the best times to experience the magic of the North Lake Tahoe Water Trail. A unique aquatic journey, the trail combines paddling, peaceful moments of solitude, and the ultimate immersion into nature—all while making everlasting memories. 

Often called a Water Route Through Paradise, this view from the water is an inspiring perspective for those who love and appreciate our iconic destination. A network of scenic routes designed for paddlers—canoe, paddle boarders and kayakers of all skill levels—you can experience a blend of calm, crystal-clear waters, underwater rock gardens, stunning shoreline and vistas, and hidden mystical coves. 

The full trail spans over 72 miles, with 20 marked “trailheads” where you can easily launch and land for out-and-back or point-to-point paddles. Plus, there are dozens of resting places, campgrounds, lodging, special points of interest and support facilities along your enchanted way.

Embarking on the North Lake Tahoe Water Trail

The North Lake Tahoe portion of the trail is divided into several segments, each with its own unique character and features. From the peaceful tranquility of Sand Harbor to the awe-inspiring views of Crystal Bay to Tahoe Vista, every segment offers a different perspective of the lake’s splendor.

For those seeking a leisurely paddle, segments like Kings Beach to Tahoe Vista or Carnelian Bay to Gar Woods provide calm waters and breathtaking scenery. These routes are perfect for families, beginners, or anyone looking to unwind amidst the serenity of the lake.Adventurous souls can tackle more challenging segments like Tahoe City to Dollar Point, where wind and waves present an exciting challenge for experienced paddlers.

If you don’t have your own craft you can easily rent from one of our local North Shore shops including Tahoe Adventure Company.  

As a Guest at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

When staying at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort , you can launch directly from the resort’s 275 feet of private sandy beach front. If you need a craft for your water trail experience, jump on one of the resorts’s awesome kayaks, SUPs or other self-powered water crafts. They are all included in the resort package during your stay, along with music on the beach and other fun beach amenities.   

Ecological Richness and Wildlife Encounters

Beyond the beauty of the water, the North Lake Tahoe Water Trail also offers a chance to connect with the area’s natural environment. As you paddle along, keep an eye out for native bird species, such as ospreys and eagles. The clear waters might reveal glimpses of underwater life, from rainbow trout to lake perch.

Environmental Conservation and Responsible Paddling

Preserving the pristine nature of Lake Tahoe is a collective responsibility. As you embark on your water trail adventure, make sure to adhere to Leave No Trace principles and local regulations. Respect the shoreline, minimize noise pollution, and dispose of any waste properly to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty of North Lake Tahoe.

Planning Your Water Trail Adventure

Before setting out on your North Lake Tahoe Water Trail adventure, take a few steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

Check Weather and Conditions: Lake Tahoe’s weather can change rapidly, so stay informed about the forecast and water conditions before you paddle.

Safety First: Wear a properly fitted life jacket and carry essential safety gear such as a whistle, water, sunscreen, and a map of the water trail.

Paddle with a Friend: Whenever possible, paddle with a companion. It’s not only more enjoyable, but also adds an extra layer of safety.

Protect your Fabs and Phone: Make sure to grab a dry bag; phones have tendency to get wet.

Respect Wildlife: Maintain a safe distance from wildlife to avoid causing stress or disrupting their natural behaviors.

Permits and Regulations: Be aware of any permits or regulations that may apply to the specific segments you plan to paddle.

As you glide across the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe, please take a moment to appreciate the ecological richness, the tranquility, and that remarkable sense of awe. For information visit, laketahoewatertrail.org or call (530) 542-5651.

At Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, we are here to make your Lake Tahoe experience magical. Relax, Enjoy. Cherish.

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, Your Basecamp for Adventure

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