Lake Tahoe Kayaking | Paddle Boarding in Lake Tahoe
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Our Lake Tahoe Resort Has Paddleboard and Kayaks!

With the crystal clear, “noble sheet of blue water” (as quoted by Mark Twain), it’s obvious why so many are attracted to all Lake Tahoe has to offer. At Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, we’re no different. Sure, we might be here every day, but Lake Tahoe’s magical presence draws us—and our guests—into its magical wonder. That’s why we provide kayaks and paddle boards to our guests—free of charge! We want every guest to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s surface without worry of paying extra.

Types of Paddle Boards and Kayaks Available

Our Lake Tahoe resort hotel serves the lone wolf and the extrovert. That’s why we provide a variety of kayaks and paddle boards for our guests, including:

  • Long stand-up paddle boards (Faster; Ideal for SUP Yoga)
  • Short stand-up paddle boards (More maneuverable)
  • Single kayaks (1 person)
  • Double kayaks (2 persons)

Bring yourself, your kids, or the entire family. It’s the perfect summer activity!

Guided Tours are Available Upon Request

If you’re new to Lake Tahoe or just want a little company while you explore, be sure to ask our front desk about guided tours. With amazing views anywhere on the lake, we promise you’ll fall in love. Our Lake Tahoe paddle board and kayak team can help you schedule a short, long, and even an overnight tour. Trust us, once you learn more about the 72-mile Lake Tahoe Water Trail, you might just consider spending a few extra days with us!

Plan on the Water When You Book or During Your Stay!

When you stay with us, you won’t be disappointed. With our own Lake Tahoe beachfront resort, our guests have the luxury of booking a paddle board or kayak adventure in advance or during their stay. We suggest letting us know as soon as you make your decision so we can prepare for your excursion.

Book your Lake Tahoe beachfront room today and join in on the water adventures by yourself or with the whole family.
Beginners and seasoned vets are welcome!

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