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Lake Watching

Shed those Winter blues. No need to go far. From your Lake Tahoe room, your balcony or outside it is all for the taking. On a beautiful day just bundle up, grab a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and head towards our beautiful lakefront—day or night. Embrace the tranquility and each visible breath with renewed invigoration—a meditative rhythm capturing the gentle lapping, stillness of the waters and the majestic snow-capped peaks. Keep warm and stay for a while. Let the kids bring a snowman to life while watching the vastness of it all. You just might be delighted with a glimpse of one of dozens of waterfowl that “winter” at Lake Tahoe. It is not unusual to catch a glimpse of a snow goose, tundra swan, ring-necked duck and or even a red-tailed hawk. Bald eagle sightings are also known to occur. If you want additional entertainment, early morning plunges are a common occurrence for Tahoe locals and visitors alike. Thinking of joining?  Be prepared for 40 degree water temps. Perhaps better to snuggle in front of our big fire pit in the midst of Winter’s most beautiful wonderland.

Star Gazing

Clear winter night skies open up to the heavens with prime viewing of intergalactic proportions on the shores of Mourelatos. Distant from city lights and surrounded by dark waters, on any particular night you might be doused with moonbeams, dazzled by shooting stars and the Milky Way connecting to the constellations and spiral galaxies beyond. Yes, you may need that blanket and more hot cocoa for this brilliant celestial excursion—but what better time to be awed by the wonders of our universe. Send us your photos; share your most cherished earthly and cosmic moments right here at the shores of North Lake Tahoe.

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