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Spring at Lake Tahoe. Time to Wander and Wonder.

April 26, 2022 | wpengine

Guest with Stand Up Paddleboard on Lake Tahoe Beach

Spring beckons us with new beginnings here at Lake Tahoe. A sense of hope and inspiration is especially important right now. It is a reminder that as we refresh so can our goals and dreams. Nature’s renewal, a time for mindful connection.

As the winter season slowly melts away and emerges into the brightness of spring, Tahoe engages each of us. Here you find yourself one with family, friends, and all that surrounds you.  And, finding that special lakeside, family-friendly Lake Tahoe resort makes for the most memorable of Tahoe vacations.

Lake Tahoe. It’s calling you. The vastness of lake and high Sierra. The roar of tumbling falls. Brilliant reflections of snow-capped mountains on the lake’s stillness. Mountain clouds yielding to clear, blue skies. Deep river pools and rushing streams. Early wildflowers reaching through moist soils.  Shimmering aspens, and the sweet elixir of alpine, musky forest floors.

Spring at Lake Tahoe is a time less traveled, a warm calm awaiting the vibrant energy of our sunny summer.  A time of thrills and adventures, for wandering…or for those simple moments of solitude. It is a time for the adventure-lovers, couples reconnecting in a cozy, Lake Tahoe cabin or families gathering around big fire pits to make those most unforgettable memories.

Endless Outdoor Activities in Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

Whether it is yoga on the lake, a Lagree Fitness workout, kayaking and paddleboarding near Lake Tahoe’s pristine shores, Kayak on Lake Tahoe Shoretrying a fun aqua bike, roaming barefoot in the sand, dancing, and concert-going on the beach, barbecuing, or beach volleyball, it is all waiting for you year-round at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort—the ultimate Lake Tahoe hotel destination.

Nearby Outdoor Activities in Lake Tahoe

Here you will also find on-sight hiking trails, connecting to dozens of trailheads, including the North Tahoe Regional Park—with over 124 acres of recreational activities. Discover interpretive nature trails, biking, tennis, pickleball, disc golf, children’s playground structures, rope adventure courses, and an 18-station fitness par course. Finish the adventure off by strolling to the charming ice cream shop, right at the resort. A perfect day of family fun!

The adventure continues. Just minutes away discover sun-exposed, scenic trails like Tunnel Creek. You don’t need to go far to climb the boulders for breathtaking, east-shore lake views. Or, scramble up the Shirley Canyon trail a short while to experience awe-inspiring waterfalls and brilliant pools, one after the other. Later in the season follow the trail to Shirley Lake for a swim or hike beyond, returning on the Tram down to Olympic Valley.

Gorgeous Bike Paths in Lake Tahoe

Biking paths are everywhere in North Lake Tahoe—both Spring and Summer. Be sure to add the Tahoe East Shore Trail to Sand Harbor to the “must dos”—much of which is at the water’s edge. Or, pick up the Tahoe Railways bike trail in Tahoe City with nearly 20 paved miles, often along the Truckee River. A great pedal for all ages and levels.

Thinking of a Spring Wedding in Lake Tahoe? We Have You Covered

A Spring or Summer wedding on the horizon? Look no further for the ideal Lake Tahoe beach wedding or special events venue. Live Music in Lake TahoeMourelatos Lakeside Resort has that covered too. As your day’s adventures finally soften into an enchanting evening glow, cuddle up to live music on the beach or sip hot cocoa and watch with sweet surrender, our glorious mountain sunset.

Come again! With each new visit find peace, inspiration, and rediscovery! Our Beachfront Lake Tahoe Resort is ready to make your dreams come true. Call today!

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