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The First Annual “Great MLRTahoe Hat Drop”: A Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort Treasure Hunt for the Entire Family!

September 2, 2022 | Sara Gonzalez

Come Play the Game…

Late August and September are by far the best months for visiting North Lake Tahoe. The temperatures are perfect with daytime averages in the mid-to-low 70s, Warm sunshine, shimmering-golden aspens, mild evenings, fewer crowds and a terrific fall music calendar—ideal conditions for some much-needed relaxation and Lake Tahoe fun!  But that’s not all:

It’s time for a big adventure at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort!

Join us for our First Annual “Great MLRTahoe Hat Drop”.

What’s a MLRTahoe Hat Drop?

The Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort Hat Drop is a super fun treasure hunt in North Lake Tahoe for the community and your entire family. You are given clues and then get to hike in the forest, wander North Lake Tahoe’s beautiful beaches and play in the lake—all while finding a cool MLRTahoe Hat with a special message inside that will lead you to more treasures and prizes. Every week, for the next several weeks, we will be hiding a hat in some truly amazing, yet accessible places. Yes! These special hats will be visible, fun hunting and pretty easy to find—if you follow our clues.

How to Play

Start today…Get the clues! They will be posted here in live time on our Instagram page @mlrtahoe. Then, follow our Blog, emails (sign up here), and on MLRTahoe Facebook for more weekly clues on the latest Hatdrop, photos, videos, past drops, and more.

Questions? Call or email us at!

The clues provided each week will lead you on some pretty cool adventures. Then, simply find the hat! Once you have found the special MLRTahoe Hat, follow the easy instructions attached to the hat. The lucky treasure hunters will get to keep the hat, get free ice cream at the Famous Mourelatos Cable Car Ice Cream…and a chance to win a two-night stay at the resort.

Hatdrop#2: Dropping Tuesday, August 30th


  1. Area: Hatdrop is near the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Trailhead in Tahoe Vista.Visible, but only from the waterside! So, get out there and paddle on the shores of Tahoe Vista. 
  2. To get on the water: If you are staying at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort check out a paddle board or kayak and launch directly from the MLR beach. Head east along the shore. If you are launchingat Lake Tahoe Water Trail (LTWT) Trailhead in North Tahoe Beach, launch at west end. Trailhead Coordinates: Latitude: 2373737; Longitude: -120.0330161. Note: Go to the Water Trailhead, not the “landing site.” Map:
  3. Follow the shore and watch for the hidden treasure along the boulders, near the trailhead. When you find it email us at: with photos or videos. Enjoy the paddle and happy hunting!

Need a paddle board or Kayak in Lake Tahoe? To get on the water, touch base with the Tahoe Adventure Company, (the Tahoe Vista paddle rental company). They will get you out on the water today!  

Tahoe Adventure Company Paddleboard and Kayak Rental

Follow the QR Code below and social media for more clues and updates.

About the Lake Tahoe Water Trail: A paddle paradise, the water trail is an endless 72-mile water route along the shoreline with public launch and landing sides with way-finding signage, paddle routes, navigation tools and water safety tips for safe and fun paddle adventures. Special thanks to the North Tahoe Public Utility District and Sierra Business Council for managing our terrific Water Trails.  Learn more at

Join the thrill of a real treasure hunt, learn about some new trails and beaches, get a bunch of fresh air, take a picnic lunch and explore off the beaten path adventures in North Lake Tahoe. A fun, playful and exciting opportunity for family and friends, any day of the week. You will also learn about your surroundings, its preservation and share some memorable moments.  Don’t wait, get into the hunt, be a winner! the Lake Tahoe Water Trail

Visit our Lake Tahoe Beachside Resort Today for Pure Fun and Relaxation

Perhaps it’s time to relax, listen to some awesome music on the beach and join the MLRTahoe Hat Hunt adventure! Call us today or book directly online at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. Then, get connected, join the fun, and be assured we will be sending you on some awesome explorations and adventures. Happy Hat Hunting!

Visit Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, your Lake Tahoe home base for adventure!

@Mlrtahoe, @tahoewatertrail, @northtahoerecreation and @TahoeAdventureCompany


Previous “Found” Hatdrops:


Dropped on Monday, August 22nd and found within two days. An awesome location for the first drop. Clues included: Alpine Meadows Road off of Hwy 89, Five Lakes Trail in Tahoe Natural Forest. Park near Trail Head, Follow the trail up to view the dramatic yet tranquil surroundings and the convergence of Alpine and Palisades Ski Resorts; continue just 1.5 miles from trailhead, past beautiful rock formations and shaded forests. Before arriving at the Lakes keep your eye on the right, find the rock cropping that crosses that joins the trail, look for the twisted tree on the right and the gnarly roots that hold the hat…Coordinates: 39.17912N, 120.23989W. Check out this video for more.

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Making Memories at Our Lake Tahoe Family Resort

August 15, 2022 | Sara Gonzalez

Lakefront Resort in Lake Tahoe

Consider Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort Your Second Home

Welcome home to Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, once again! Start your day with a leisurely walk on the beach, sip morning coffee from your charming lakeside porch in Lake Tahoe, try some yoga on the deck then get wet while kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, and hydro-biking—all the best family fun, and it’s all included in your stay. Ahh! Let the day slip away on your comfy beach lounger, soaking up each magical moment.

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. Where you can do it all…or nothing at all!

Things to Do in and Near North Lake Tahoe

If you desire a little more adventure, it is all around you. Rent a ski boat on Lake Tahoe with all the gear for skiing or wakeboarding at the resort; a perfect way to discover a secret cove of clear turquoise, blue waters for a refreshing swim or quiet relaxation. For hikers and nature enthusiasts, explore over eighteen acres of private trails for hiking, biking and much more right from the resort—all connecting to hundreds of miles of trail system including the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Venturing out within a few scenic miles of Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort you will also find dozens of internationally acclaimed golf courses, tennis and pickle ball courts, miniature golf, gourmet restaurants, galleries, and shops. For a real treat, try The Old Post Office Cafe for breakfast or lunch, just up the road in Carnelian Bay.

That’s not all: Enjoy some of the best local bands and talent around, playing beachside, four days a week at the resort. If you like to sing or play an instrument, bring your own and join in the fun. Grab your favorite beverage or hop over to Mourelatos famous Cable Car Ice Cream for a real treat. Then, settle in for an afternoon or evening of music, a cozy beachside gas fire pit and the vast beauty of a Lake Tahoe sunset!

August 2022 Events in Lake Tahoe

Don’t miss these August events: 

  • Music on the Beach at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings & Sunday afternoons—all summer long. Enjoy some of Lake Tahoe’s terrific local talent.
  • Tuesday’s Bluesdays at the Village of Palisades (formerly Squaw Valley) from 6-8pm, beginning June 14th through August 30th. A terrific, free outdoor weekly concert. Enjoy top blues musicians surrounded by some of the most gorgeous, granite peaks Tahoe has to offer.
  • Kings Beach Summer Concert Series on the Beach—just moments from Mourelatos near the Event Center. Free lively, local bands, every Friday from now until September 2nd. Just grab a beach chair and head down to Kings Beach State Park Friday evenings around 6pm. Concessions offer drinks and light fare. Get there early for best parking.
  • Truckee Thursdays. Starting around 5pm this is a lively, weekly street fair with regional vendors, live music and a beer garden. Downtown Truckee is shut down to traffic during these evenings. Best parking: Get there early and park at the rail yard and walk back towards town.
  • Special Event: “George Clinton’s Farewell Tour” featuring George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, live at the Truckee Regional Park Outdoor Amphitheater in Truckee. Sunday, August 14, 2022. Doors open at 3:30pm. Purchase tickets.

Free bus rides are available to most of North Lake Tahoe through the county system, TART.

This Month’s Recommended Adventure: Shirley Canyon Trail

A local’s favorite! We’ve mentioned it before but well-worth a reminder: The Shirley Canyon trail has it all. Beautiful vistas, forests with older-growth fir and pine, waterfalls, huge granite boulders to climb, and blooming wildflowers—endless, changing natural beauty with every step.  One other delight along the way is Shirley Lake about 3 miles up, a perfect place for a swim before the last mile or so of switchbacks through meadow and forest. Dog friendly all the way—even on the tram down!

You start at Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley). To access the trail, park in the main parking lot near the tram. Simply walk down the road paralleling the tram and veer to a wide trail off to the right. Go about 1/4 of a mile to find a large sign and trail map at the trailhead.

On the trail, stay to the left side of the creek. You don’t have to go far to start experiencing awesome pools and falls. Although August water levels and falls have dissipated from May and June’s high flows there are still plenty of places to take a dip and lots of big granite slabs for sunbathing. As you are wandering, it can be easy to get off trail. Watch for blue paint markers on the rocks, pointing the way as you go.

Even though this is only a 4.5-mile trek up to High Camp, it is a 2,000 feet of elevation gain. Even with the tram ride down this is a challenging trail—but well worth every step. Once you ascend to the top, and if you time it right (before 5pm) you can grab a refreshment and take the free (yes, free) tram ride down. Check the schedule at the trailhead.

If you want to skip the hike, but experience the beauty you can still purchase tram ride tickets in the village for a ride up to explore. Either way you will find interesting granite formations, beautiful Lake Tahoe vistas surrounded by valley and mountains and so much more.

Book Your Lake Tahoe Family-Fun Vacation Today!

How do you make it all happen for you and your family? Simply give Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort a call or book directly online. Booking directly instead of a third-party always ensures the best rates and priorities, and the best Lake Tahoe resort experience ever. Although there are more Lake Tahoe summer activities than you could ever fit into one trip, with each writing, we will give you some highlights of must-dos! Summer in Lake Tahoe is the time to explore—by foot, bike and water.

Come back soon! Year after year families return for adventure, relaxation, and fun…always making special memories at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort.

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Alpine Waters and Sunny Shores: July in North Lake Tahoe

July 13, 2022 | Sara Gonzalez

Collage of July Activities at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

Lake Tahoe bursts to life in July. The days and nights get warmer—expect the 70s and 80s in the days and comfortable 50s at night. As the nights warm, so does the lake. Water temperatures are in the mid-60s; sometimes the coves and shorelines can even reach 69 or 70 degrees. Endless sunshine, sandy shores, and vibrant energy in the air make a jump in the lake definitely worth the plunge. With warmer weather comes Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort’s famous beach activities: Comfortable beach chairs and big umbrellas, a multitude of fun water toys for all ages, and most importantly, happy families.

A Bit of History: The Mark Twain of Lake Tahoe

Mark Twain at Lake Tahoe

Today we sightsee, recreation, and adventure in the vast beauty of Lake Tahoe. But retracing Tahoe’s history is its own vast adventure. When Samuel Clemens, a young, ex-river boat pilot from Missouri wandered upon Lake Tahoe, he was aghast with its beauty, stating, “a noble sheet of blue water lifted six thousand three hundred feet above the level of the seas, and walled in by a rim of snow-clad mountain peaks that towered aloft a full three thousand feet higher still!” Legend has it that Clemens camped on the shores of North Lake Tahoe near Tahoe Vista and likely explored the ground before our feet here at our beachside resort in Lake Tahoe. Clemens went on to to become known as our beloved Mark Twain, often writing about his most memorable times in early Lake Tahoe. For more information on Tahoe’s rich history, we suggest picking up a copy of Fairest Picture — Mark Twain at Lake Tahoe.

What Makes our Lake Tahoe Lakefront Resort So Special?

Today the best way to experience Lake Tahoe in the summer is outside: on trail, lake, river, or beach, and the most idyllic Tahoe experience begins at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort—recognized as one of Lake Tahoe’s best family-style resorts, where you can explore, wander, relax and enjoy.

You will easily find your way by booking directly with Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort instead of a third party—always ensuring the best rates and priorities. As you settle into a comfortable lounger on Mourelatos’ soft, sandy beach you are immediately immersed—kayaks, paddle boards, hydro-bikes, and every beach toy imagined including a big raft-style trampoline, just off the beach—all included in the resort fee and ready for the enjoying. A family wonderland, every day!

Lake Tahoe is also ready to be explored by boat, with rentals right on the property. Or, ask a friendly staff member to point you in the direction of miles of forested trails—many begin right at the resort. When you wander back, you’ll find yoga on the beach, live music, family-style fire pits, and the best ice cream treats in all of Lake Tahoe.

Always close are dozens of other fun activities including jaw-dropping sightseeing, adventure courses, bike trails, tennis courts, and, of course, some of nature’s most beautiful waterfalls—most still roaring through July.

Don’t Miss Out: July Events in Lake Tahoe

  • Music on the Beach at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, Wednesday – Sunday afternoons—all summer long. Enjoy great local talent while you let the music’s beat sway you with the summer’s breeze.
  • Tuesday’s Bluesdays at the Village of Palisades (formerly Squaw Valley) from 6-8pm, beginning June 14th through August 30th. A terrific, free outdoor weekly concert. Enjoy top blues musicians surrounded by some of the most gorgeous, granite peaks Tahoe has to offer.
  • Kings Beach Summer Concert Series on the Beach—just moments from Mourelatos near the Event Center. Free lively, local bands, every Friday from now until September 2nd. Just grab a beach chair and head down to KB Friday evenings around 6. Concessions offer drinks and light fare. Get there early for best parking. Live Music at Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe
  • Truckee Thursdays. Starting around 5pm this is a lively, weekly street fair with regional vendors, live music, and a beer garden. Downtown Truckee is shut down to traffic during these evenings. Best parking: Get there early and park at the rail yard and walk back towards town.

Free bus rides are available to most of North Lake Tahoe through the county system, TART.

Recommended Adventure: Rafting and Floating on the Truckee River

If you’re looking for a little adventure and some great summer fun with family & friends on the water, don’t miss a rafting trip on the Truckee River. In the course of a leisurely, self-guided, five-mile, 3-4 hour float you will experience the thrill of a few rapids (more like class 1 ripples), lazy serene waters, scenic meadows, shallow swim holes, and picnic sand bars, all surrounded by forests and mountains.

Perfect for almost all ages and experience levels (over age 3), this journey can be navigated by most inflatable float boats including rafts, kayaks, and even sturdy tubes. Sunscreen, a dry bag for cell phones, hats, and life jackets plus a small cooler with plenty of drinks and snacks are highly recommended.

There are several commercial raft companies where you can rent a raft. Begin at River Road/Highway 89 at the Y in the heart of Tahoe City. You will exit at River Ranch restaurant/resort where you will be picked up and returned. If you choose to take your own inflatable ensure you have good equipment. You will also need to find your own ride back.

Visit our Lake Tahoe Family-Friendly Resort

Once you return to Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, plan once again to be swept away in the cherished moments of the day and all of nature’s gifts that Lake Tahoe has to offer. At our family-friendly Lake Tahoe resort, we are here to make your summer dreams come true.

Welcome back home! Book your stay with Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort today!


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June in North Lake Tahoe: Mountain Escapes and Weddings Dreams

June 20, 2022 | Sara Gonzalez

Lake Tahoe wedding with bride, groom, and bouquet

A Gorgeous, Serene Wedding Venue in Lake Tahoe

June in Lake Tahoe, a time for mountain hikes, tranquil blue waters, and rushing waterfalls—all ready for us to explore. Time to get excited…sunshine, fresh air, and literally hundreds of fun things to do and see! June is also a time for the enchantment of a mountain-beach wedding, or at least for planning that special day in the near future.

Sitting on the majestic banks of North Lake Tahoe lies one of Tahoe’s most quintessential and private wedding venues. Imagine soft, white sandy shores surrounded by the colors of nature—dense green forests and bright wildflowers, snow-capped mountain peaks, and crystalline blue waters. Sunup to sundown, saying “I do” with friends and family is always magical at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. An intimate setting where dreams do come true—capturing, inspiring, and oh so romantic! Be sure to ask about the Master Wedding Suite with 180-degree views of Lake Tahoe.

Yet, there are many more special moments in store this June.  It all begins at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort where Tahoe’s charm, character, and warm embrace beckon you to return time and time again.

What’s the secret? It’s all about the personalized touches that only a family-owned Lake Tahoe resort hotel like Mourelatos can give you—the serenity to relax, enjoy and cherish.

It starts when you book directly with the resort. Rather than reserving with a third-party, catch the Mourelatos vibe the moment you call or book online. Not only are you rewarded with the best rates, but it’s the personal touch that a boutique resort like Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort can offer—making each moment, your moment.

Upon arrival, a quick walk through the door transports you—a warm welcome home, not as a guest, but as part of the family. Call it old-fashioned values or simply great customer service, from the moment you arrive your experience cascades into a summer paradise.

Things to Enjoy in Lake Tahoe at Our Family-Friendly Resort

Everything you need is onsite or just minutes away. On-property amenities—all complementary-include live music on the beach, beach-side yoga, family-style fire pits, hot tubs, BBQ grills, hiking trails, boat rentals, Pilates, fishing, and a good old-fashioned ice cream shop. The summer fun also includes 275 feet of beautiful beach front with kayaking, paddle boarding, hydro-bikes, and a huge water trampoline for the entire family.

Take the family for an unforgettable picnic with every beach toy imaginable. Relax on a temping lounger and let the summer sun, gentle breezes, and the lake’s brilliance take you away. Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen!

Just beyond the property, you will find dozens of other hidden treasures including ropes courses, zip-lining, mountain bike trails, tennis courts, golf, and terrific restaurants.  Check out Spindleshanks, a local favorite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a beautiful golf course setting with lake views and cozy outdoor seating—just moments away.

Of course, for those who seek to venture out, June gives us 12 hours a day of sunlight to explore.

June Event Highlights

Music on the Beach at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, Wednesday – Sunday afternoons—all summer long. Great talent every week. Let the kids play while you kick up your heels or relax on the warm sand.

Tuesday’s Bluesdays at the Village of Palisades (formerly Squaw Valley) from 6-8pm, beginning June 14th through August 30th. It is a terrific, free outdoor weekly concert. Take your beach or concert chair and enjoy top blues musicians surrounded by some of the most gorgeous, granite peaks Lake Tahoe has to offer. Free bus rides are available through TART.

Reggee Fest at the Truckee River Outdoor Regional Park, June 24th and 25th. A two-day, World Music and Jamaican Reggae Music Festival with some of the biggest legends. Don’t forget to buy your tickets early!

For Our Adventures: Wandering Off the Beaten Path

June is the most accessible and spectacular time for Webber Falls. A well-kept secret, hidden near the Little Truckee River—located in Sierra County, between the towns of Truckee and Sierraville.

A serene and beautiful 40-minute drive, free parking, and an easy half-mile roundtrip hike to experience Mother Nature at full force!  This is a “not to miss” exploration with falls taking a dramatic 80-foot plunge over a deep basaltic-carved gorge, dropping in several cascades.  The pools below are great for sunbathing and a quick, cool dip.

This adventure is well worth the find and easy for almost any hiking level. However, it is not recommended for young children as there are extremely steep cliffs with slippery and rocky areas. Simply put, stay away from the edges and focus on the plunge pool and upper waterfall.

To get there, take Hwy 89 North from Truckee to Little Truckee Summit. Turn left toward Jackson Meadows on Road 07.  At about 6.5 miles watch for signage to Lake of the Woods.  A few hundred feet after is a pullout on your left, lined with boulders. Park and walk directly down the embankment from the road. It won’t be hard to miss. Just listen for the sound of roaring water. The falls lie about 500 feet from the parking area.

Welcome Back!

Whether you want to chill or let loose trying something new, Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort takes you there. From adrenaline-pumping adventures to beach time, the choice is purely yours!

A day well spent! Welcome home to our beachfront Lake Tahoe resort—where it is always time to refresh, recharge and reinvigorate your soul.

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Summer Kickoff this Memorial Day Weekend: Come Celebrate with Us!

May 27, 2022 | Sara Gonzalez

Lake Tahoe Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day at Lake Tahoe, our unofficial start of summer. Whether you have a long weekend or a full week to play, it is definitely a time to celebrate. Our days may be somewhat cool, but certainly sunny and longer…and Lake Tahoe’s calming waters are beckoning us— a sign that Summer is here at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, our beautiful Lake Tahoe resort nestled on 21 acres of North Lake Tahoe’s finest forest and beaches.

Here are this weekend’s highlights and recommendations for your ideal Memorial Day weekend celebration at your favorite Lake Tahoe vacation resort.

Our Lake Tahoe Beach is Open and Ready for You!

Grab your beach gear (along with a light jacket) and head down to our pristine shores. Kayaks, paddleboards, and hydro bikes are all out and ready for play. Take advantage of a yoga class at the lake. Want to relax? Chill in one of our comfy beach chairs or groove to some lively vibes; our Summer concert series is in full swing, with music on the beach Wednesday – Sunday!

Adventure Time: Kayaking in Lake Tahoe, Right from our Beach

For most of us, late May/early June means the lake is still a little too cold for swimming, but the good news is that the lake is ideal for morning kayaking all Summer long—launching directly from our own 275 feet of private, sandy beach. Oh, did we mention kayak rentals are free for all of our guests?

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe is one of the best ways to experience peace, solitude, and adventure—having a front-row seat to 360 degrees of panoramic vistas ringing America’s largest high-alpine lake. And did you know that kayaking has proven to offer some exceptional physical and mental benefits? The repetitive movements of paddling, the sense of freely floating…the breeze on your face; all create a heightened sense of awareness and calm. Not only are you getting a complete upper body workout but it is a time to truly tune in or as some call it, get in “the zone”.

Whether you are out solo or with your friends and family, paddling on Lake Tahoe’s surface is a transformative experience—a personal paradise allowing nature to surround you with sounds, silences and the open water. Perhaps this is your weekend to get out there, dip those paddles and go! And, with the right conditions kayaking is the ideal family event. For the safest and calmest water, stay close to shore. There are expeditions in either direction. To the West are the calm waters of Agate Bay and its beautiful rock formations directly beneath you. Or, paddle east along the scenic coast, toward the sandy beaches of King’s Beach and a bit further among the boulder gardens just beneath the turquoise-hued surface at Crystal Bay.

Before launching be aware of our Lake Tahoe climate; weather and wind can change quickly. Although dryer than paddleboarding you can still get wet. Your feet and hands can get cold and damp, along with the seat area of your kayak. If you have a dry bag, take a towel and even a polar fleece. If you don’t, make sure you have dry clothes on the beach. In any case be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunblock. Wear synthetic layers and fleece for quick drying instead of cotton that once wet, stays wet! Bring snacks and water; dehydration happens quickly in our dry, high-altitude climate. Use good judgment! If you do get wet, don’t wait. Get out and get dry! Of course, it is always a good idea to let a friend or family member know before you take off on your lake adventure!

Wait! There is more: Don’t Miss our “Made in Tahoe” Festival!

North Lake Tahoe’s 4th annual Made in Tahoe Festival is this Memorial Day weekend, May 28th and May 29th at The Village at Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley), from 11:00am to 5:00pm. The festival is free and celebrates “All Things Local”, including music, food, art, clothing—highlighting local artisans, chefs, and a host of local talent. Explore over 70+ vendor booths and enjoy performances and live music from local bands, musicians, and dance groups. A great way to meet other folks, join in the fun, and maybe take home a little piece of Lake Tahoe. After your big adventures, we will be waiting for you at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort where it’s time for a stroll over to Lake Tahoe’s favorite, Cable Car Ice Cream—a Mourelatos tradition for over 25 years!

Welcome home again! It is all waiting for you at our beachfront Lake Tahoe resort. Visit us at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort.

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May at Lake Tahoe: Mother Nature’s Surprise

May 16, 2022 | Sara Gonzalez

Firepit on Lake Tahoe Beach at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

Yes, we’ve been teased. March and April brought us early warmth and now late season snow brings other precious gifts: An epic Lake Tahoe experience discovering the grandeur of early season waterfalls, still blue waters and towering snow-capped peaks—all promises of brilliant, warming latter days of May.

As we watch the season’s transformation before our eyes, the anticipation of summer’s exciting energy temps us. Yet, May is that special month that holds Mother Nature’s surprises and best-kept secrets, beckoning us to vacation in gorgeous Lake Tahoe. All before high-season rushes.

A time for journeying back to a place of warm memories…of comfort, family-style hospitality, classic elegance, and Tahoe’s version of Mediterranean hospitality—your second home.  A family-run Lake Tahoe resort since 1945, Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort in Tahoe Vista, California has always been a destination for discovery, peace, tranquilly and yes, the best Lake Tahoe adventures. We are here for you; from the heart, waiting to set you free!

Why You Should Enjoy Lake Tahoe Before the Summer Rush

If your next visit seeks exploration, let Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort help guide you on this journey—mountainside to lakeside. In fact, now is the ideal time to wander into one of the most fabled and exhilarating Lake Tahoe trail experiences of the season and before Memorial Day weekend.

Exploring the Rubicon Trail

Calawee Cove Beach at D.L. Bliss State ParkEnjoyed and awed by both the fearless seeking boulder and cliff, and the weekend getaway adventurers, this is the time to explore the West Shore of Lake Tahoe on Hwy 89 towards South Lake Tahoe. One such breathtaking outing is the Rubicon Trail from D.L. Bliss to Emerald Bay State Park, just a 39-minute scenic drive from our resort in Tahoe Vista, CA. The trail is at lake elevation, literally just above the water’s edge, so although there may be patches of snow the trail is mostly clear—even now.

There are a few different entry points, but we recommend beginning at Calawee Cove Beach at D.L. Bliss State Park. For the easiest parking and minimal climb upon return to your car, park as close to the lake as possible in the State Park and head south on the Rubicon Trail above Rubicon Point. Another option for those seeking a one-way adventure is to bring a second car and park further south at Emerald Bay State Park for a 5 mile, one-way hike.

Go as little or as long as you’d like, hugging the lake most of the way. No matter the duration or route you choose, it is all yours for the exploration. The trail remains relatively level with granite steps where needed. If you choose the one-way, your climb out at Emerald Bay is a short but steep, 15-minute paved ascent. Either way the trail offers the most dramatic vistas, some from granite cliffs hundreds of feet above and others skirting just above lake’s edge. The trail also follows sandy beaches, the famed Vikingsholm (although not yet open for the season) —all leading to the mouth of the enchanting Eagle Falls, the most brilliant of all waterfalls at Lake Tahoe. A spiritually-intense experience of nature’s power.Rubicon Trail Near Lake Tahoe

But, it is not destination as much as the journey on this trail. You will be mystified, step by step, between indigo-blue water, solid granite mountain peaks and endless sky. Sight a bald-eagle, mid-flight soaring just overhead.  Cross gurgling streams. Smell the groves of incense cedars lining your path. Peer deep into still waters below. From Spring to Fall you might even see boats of scuba divers exploring the nearby depths.

A certainty is that your day will be filled with adventure, awe, and exhilarating magic. And, whenever your day’s journey welcomes you back to Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, we will be ready for you!

Our Lake Tahoe Resort is Just Minute’s from Grand Adventures

At Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, it’s time to relax, enjoy and cherish. Take restful sanctuary on our private beach. Stillness and reflection snuggled in a warm blanket peering in golden light across the lake, retracing your day’s moments until the brilliant Tahoe night’s sky takes you away.

Ready to book your Lake Tahoe spring vacation? Call our family-friendly Lake Tahoe resort today. Adventure awaits!

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